Just wanted to send many thanks to you .
Working with you from the start was so simple .
In addition, you were extremely responsive & accommodating during either documents signing , dates for removal of personal items from home.

Very pleased from the  beginning to end for selling property without any surprises..

Highly recommend you to anyone .
Best always ,
Maria Reimer 
West Hartford
October 2021

It was a pleasure doing business with you and Housesold Real Estate, LLC.  As the seller of a house in West Hartford and you as the buyer, I appreciate the quick response from you and the short time for closing.  There was no mortgage needed and no inspections necessary, so this allowed us to close within three weeks.
It was helpful that I could remove just what I needed and wanted from the house and that you would take care of the rest.  You were very accommodating during the complete process, from the execution of the contract through to the closing.  Thank you so much.  
Lynn Bard
West Hartford
February 2021

HouseSold Real Estate, LLC has a straight-forward approach and they purchased my house and gave me a quote within a day.  We closed quickly and I left alot of junk behind and that really helped me.  At the closing, we walked around the house and I was relieved that I no longer owned two houses.  Ken is a good person that helped me out with buying my house.


Richard Backus

East Hartford, CT

May 2021

We are so thankful to have sold you our house.  Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the townhouse we have now and it is really all thanks for you!  I am out of debt and building my savings.  Just thought that you should know that you changed our lives and I am happy that we sold you our house. 


Catherine Carpio

Newington, CT

November 2020

Ken and his team recently purchased my grandparents' home of 62 years in Newington. They made the process of selling as painless as is possible. His apparent knowledge and understanding of his business helped me through an otherwise difficult time. Good luck with the house; I am looking forward to seeing the house revitalized, and full of life once more.

Barbara Snyder

Hartford, CT

September 2020

From the first phone call to the closing, Ken was very prompt and cordial.  We were pleased with the process and how easy it was to sell the house.

Donald Eichler
Manchester, CT
January 2020

I very much appreciate working with you and with HouseSold Real Estate. Everything you promised in your letter to me came to pass. You made an offer quickly after viewing the property, I paid no real estate commission, the timeline was of my choosing and you paid the first $500 of the closing costs. Best of all, you bought the property "as is".  I was able to leave personal contents behind:  It was a pleasure working with you. 
John M. Clapp 
West Hartford, CT 
April 2020

It was a pleasure doing business with you and Housesold Real Estate, LLC.  As the seller of a house in Wethersfield that was facing foreclosure, you quickly understood my situation and you provided me with clear direction on what I needed to do.  Thank you for buying my house and helping me out of a difficult situation.
Barbara Wysocki
November 2019

Selling or buying a house can be a daunting experience.  Ken Potter ( House Sold Real Estate) made selling my property easy and rewarding.  He made a fair and honest offer within 24 hours of viewing the property and he has a good knowledge of what he is looking at so numerous additional inspections by others were not necessary.  He was easy to work with and answered any questions I had.  Closing was quick, easy and done on a time frame that was convenient for me.  I would recommend him to anyone that wants a quick, honest and fair cash sale of their property.
Robert Jackson
Simsbury, CT
October 2019