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We understand that when it comes to selling your house, you might not want to have a buyer or buyers come through your house to present an offer.  Whether it is related to COVID-19 or any other personal reasons, we can provide you with an offer right over the phone.  After we gain some information about the property based on some exploratory questions we ask you, we can provide you with a verbal offer on the property without us even being inside the property.  

If the offer is of interest to you and you would like to move forward then we can schedule an onsite inspection to verify the information we have received that we can follow up with a written and formalized offer.

If you have thought about selling then call us today at 860.805.8500.  We at HouseSold Real Estate, LLC will ensure that the sale of your house will be simple and easy.  

15 North Main Street
Suite 100
West Hartford, CT 06107

(860) 805-8500

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