Here is what some recent customers had to say about us:

“I recently sold my house to HouseSold Real Estate, a company that purchases homes “as is”, fixes them up, and resells them.  We had found a new house we wanted to purchase, but our current house needed significant work before we could put it up for sale, including redoing two bathrooms.  We were unsure how to proceed because we did not want to do the work while we were living in the house and we needed to sell the house quickly.  I decided to compare what the proceeds would be from fixing up the house and selling it through a real estate agent vs. selling the house “as is” to a house “flipper.”  I estimated how much the work would cost, how much I could sell the house for if I did the work, and how much the realtor’s 6.5% commission would be at that price.  I also estimated how many additional months of mortgage and taxes I would likely need to pay while the work was done, a buyer was found, and a closing date set.  With my “Plan A” proceeds estimate, it was now ready to get an estimate of proceeds for “Plan B.”  I contacted a couple of house flippers who had advertised in my neighborhood and invited them to take a look at my house, including Ken Potter from HouseSold Real Estate.  Ken spent an hour with me inspecting the house while I pointed out the things that I thought needed work, and immediately afterwards, Ken told me he was interested in purchasing the house and would soon have an offer prepared.  Within a few days, I had his written offer.  The offer price was fair and not much less than my “Plan A” proceeds estimate, and he said we could close very quickly.  It did not take long for me to decide to accept his offer, especially when taking into account how easy selling the house this way would be compared to the complexities and uncertainties of fixing up the house and selling to a conventional buyer.  Less than a week after meeting Ken, we signed the contract, and three weeks later, we closed.  The whole process and transaction was fast and easy, and I highly recommend that anyone in a situation similar to ours should give Ken Potter a call.
Eric G.
West Hartford, CT
February 2019

I very much appreciate working with you and with HouseSold Real Estate.
Everything you promised in your letter to me came to pass. You made an offer quickly after viewing the property, I paid no real estate commission, the timeline was of my choosing and you paid the first $500 of the closing costs. Best of all, you bought the property “as is” after it was damaged by fire. I was able to leave personal contents behind: I only hope it isn’t too difficult for you to get rid of all the stuff!
It was a pleasure working with you.
John M. Clapp
West Hartford, CT
April 2018

I want to thank Ken for the opportunity to follow in the progression of our new home as he was redoing it. It was nice to be able to see it as everything was being done and all the little details brought to our attention if something needed to be changed or fixed. It was amazing to watch the transformation from initially feeling that it would not be for us and then realizing we were wrong once it was completed. He was very good with communication and setting deadlines to get it done by the time we were needing to occupy the home. I recommend him and all of his contractors to anyone with future needs. We are very happy with the outcome of this house.
Kristen Stegmaier
Newington, CT
March 2018

With mixed emotions about selling our childhood home, we met with Ken at HouseSold Real Estate, LLC. He is kind and was sensitive to our emotions. From our initial meeting to closing day, everything ran smoothly and according to plan. Ken has shared the remodel plans with us. We can’t wait to see the finished product. Our experience was very positive.
Theresa McGowan
West Hartford, CT
February 2018

From the first phone call to the closing, Ken was very prompt and cordial. We were pleased with the process and how easy it went.
Donald Eichler
Manchester, CT
January 2018

Ken and his team recently purchased my grandparents’ home of 62 years in Newington. They made the process of selling as painless as is possible. His apparent knowledge and understanding of his business helped me through an otherwise difficult time. Good luck with the house; I am looking forward to seeing the house revitalized, and full of life once more.
Barbara Snyder
Newington, CT
September 2017

Years ago, knowing that one day I would need to sell the beautiful home my Mother built, I kept the letters that would arrive in my mailbox from Ken at HouseSold Real Estate, LLC explaining the services that they provided. When I finally met him and we ultimately signed a purchase agreement, I knew I had chosen the perfect person to bring my Mother’s home back to life again and make us proud. After meeting Ken and talking on multiple occasions I didn’t have a single doubt I had chosen the right professional to purchase and recreate the home’s beauty. He has a very forward thinking approach to remodeling which I admire. I had seen some of his precious work. I needed advice and suggestions during the process of purchasing a new property, and Ken was more than helpful. Being a family property, I knew it would be difficult to leave, but by the end of moving, we were ready to move on. I can say with full confidence that should you consider using Ken’s services for your home sale you will have a profession experience and have made a friend during the process”.
Catherine Carpio
Newington, CT
September 2017

What a pleasure it was to work with Ken at HouseSold Real Estate.  He made the process simple and easy with selling our house that was in such disrepair and needed attention.  It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Ken and you can absolutely have future clients call me if you want.

Bruce Smith
West Hartford, CT
July 2017

It was truly a pleasure working with Ken in the selling of my late father’s house. The experience wasn’t stressful or frustrating at all. Ken was good on his word and kept his promises. He did an outstanding job in remodeling my late father’s house as well.


Tyler Coe
New Britain, CT
October 2016

I contacted Ken Potter regarding purchasing my home.  I found him to be very pleasant and easy to talk with.  He was very understanding of my circumstances and acted professional at all times.  We had a lot of issues to work thru and he remained very calm, professional and patient.  I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.

Barbara Wysocki
Wethersfield, CT
September 2016